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Having raised over £800k in angel investment for one of my own property projects back in 2014, today I coach others on how to best raise the funding they need to further their success.


As the manager of Property Angels Den, I understand what prospective investors expect from a property proposal and work with individuals to put their applications forward with confidence. Through the Progressive Property Network (PPN), I deliver the course “Raising Angel Finance” and go on to coach one-on-one those that wish to pitch their ventures to high net worth individuals.



With this in mind, if you wish to increase your chances of finding angel investment please complete the application form here.


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Ray McLennan - Property, Finance, Angel

“I can improve your chance of finding angels and more importantly, can help you ensure they invest in you and your project.”

Designed Living

Committed to providing an effective solution to the UK housing crisis, Designed Living Ltd renovates and converts property in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and builds affordable housing units for Housing Associations. Discover more here:


Stracomer Hill

Taking a proactive approach to progression, Design Living took control of the Stracomer Hill Estate following the 2009 property crash. Today, both the properties and site are nearing completion and common areas have been upgraded.

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Become An Angel

Educating a nation of angels through training and accreditation, The Become An Angel Campaign inspires others to utilise their wealth and experience to nurture businesses with the potential to yield great returns.

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Angels Den

Providing creative financial solutions to both property professionals and those in other business sectors, Angels Den is an online investment platform that assists those seeking funding for an existing business or potentially lucrative start-up.

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