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As the regional manager for Angels Den Scotland and Ireland and having raised substantial finance for a number of my own ventures, today I assist those that require capital to take their own property projects forward.


Working with traditional lenders, brokers and angels (and of course, being FS regulated), I can be of specific help to those that are either ineligible for traditional finance or those that are looking for more favourable terms than what is currently on offer with high street banks.


Having been on my own property journey for many years and now owning a substantial portfolio myself, I understand that having the right finance in place is crucial to the success of a development. As such, I work one-on-one with entrepreneurs and property businesses to ensure their finance package is right for them.

My work with Property Angels Den, a subsidiary of Angels Den, gives me the added advantage of being able to connect highly experienced development companies and seasoned investors with property professionals for mutually beneficial relationships.


Not only do I have the connections, systems and applications in place, but my experience and unparalleled determination ensures your next development project WILL happen.


In the same manner, those that would like to get involved with pre-qualified projects are able to work with me as an angel investor. By injecting capital and utilising your expertise, I can help you to explore opportunities with high potential returns on your investment.



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Designed Living

Committed to providing an effective solution to the UK housing crisis, Designed Living Ltd renovates and converts property in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and builds affordable housing units for Housing Associations. Discover more here:


Stracomer Hill

Taking a proactive approach to progression, Designed Living took control of the Stracomer Hill Estate following the 2009 property crash. Today, both the properties and site are nearing completion and common areas have been upgraded.

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Become An Angel

Educating a nation of angels through training and accreditation, The Become An Angel Campaign inspires others to utilise their wealth and experience to nurture businesses with the potential to yield great returns.

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Angels Den

Providing creative financial solutions to both property professionals and those in other business sectors, Angels Den is an online investment platform that assists those seeking funding for an existing business or potentially lucrative start-up.

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